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Since the mid 1980’s, Rock Creek’s principals have succeeded throughout several real estate and economic cycles. We have prospered in both recessionary and expansionary periods due to our long-term, relationship-oriented approach. Our connection with every seller, lender, partner, broker, attorney, investor and employee is of utmost importance to us – these relationships lead to knowledge sharing, project collaboration, solutions and trust. Our stewardship of these relationships is the fuel for our company’s growth and the source of our long-term viability.

Perhaps this is the reason that sellers and brokers proactively contact us to conclude multiple transactions; or the reason why our lenders seek to provide us financing on a repeat basis. Maybe it’s the reason why our employees relish the thought of concluding their careers with us; or why our professional advisors in the legal, accounting, architectural and construction practices are embraced as "in-house" partners rather than paid, outside consultants.